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One of the biggest Russian manufacturer and exporter of methanol changed supplier of membrane elements

September 25, 2015

The “Metafrax’s” company combined cycle gas section of water treatment unit was equipped with 36 Membranium’s reverse osmosis elements series nanoRO KH 8040-C starting June of this year. There was no any censures roused regarding elements desalination technical capability since the beginning of operation.

According to “Metafrax” they referred to the following criteria while choosing “Membranium - RM Nanotech” products: high quality of the membrane elements corresponding to the more expensive analogues, full technical support, short terms of production and supplying compare to foreign models.

JSC “Metafrax” is one of the dynamically developing chemical companies in Russia and largest producer of methanol and its derivatives. Since last 20 years "Metafrax" has transformed from mono-production enterprise to the multi-industry group of companies with assets in Ural and far beyond it, with annual turnover exceeding 20 billion of rubbles and total number of personnel more than three thousand people.