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Using this simple tool you can easily match your existing RO plant membrane elemenys composition with brand new MEMBRANIUM products!

Sea water
High rejection elements
nanoRO KM 8040-CM SW30HRLE-440i   ТМ820E-400 AD-440 RE8040-SHA440
nanoRO KM 8040-CM2 SW30HRLE-400 SWC4 MAX ТМ820E-400   RE8040-SHA400
nanoRO KM 8040-CM3 SW30HRLE-370/34i SWC4-LD ТМ820Е-400 AD-400,34 RE8040-SHA
nanoRO KM 4040-CM SW30HR LE-4040 SWC5-LD-4040 TM810V AD-90 RE4040-SHA
Standart elements
nanoRO KM 8040-C SW30XLE-440i     AE-440 RE8040-SHF440
nanoRO KM 8040-C2 SW30XLE-400i   TM820F-400   RE8040-SHF400
nanoRO KM 8040-C3     TM820F-370 AE-440, 34 RE8040-SHF
nanoRO KM 4040-C SW30-4040 SWC6-4040 TM810F   RE4040-SHF
Brackish water
High rejection elements
nanoRO KC 8040-C BW30HR-440 CPA3 TM720-440 AG-440 RE8040-BE440
nanoRO KC 8040-C2 BW30-400 CPA3 TM720-400 AG-400 RE8040-BE
nanoRO KC 8040-C3 BW30-400/34, BW30-365 CPA2   AG-400, 34 RE8040-BN
nanoRO KC 4040-C BW30-4040 CPA2-4040  TM710 AG-90 RE4040-BE
Low pressure elements
nanoRO KH 8040-C LE-400 ESPA1 TMG20-400 AK-440-LE RE8040-BLN
nanoRO KH 4040-C LE-4040 ESPA1-4040 TMG10 AK-90-LE RE4040-BLN
Extra low pressure elements
nanoRO KCH 8040-C XLE-440 (adapter is required for the core tube)       RE8040-BLF
nanoRO KCH 4040-C XLE-4040 ESPA4-4040     RE4040-BLF
* Use only for primary selection. Email for consultation: support@membranium.com