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Sanitary Membrane Elements

Spiral-wound membrane elements

JSC “RM Nanotech” produces a wide range of full-fit spiral-wound membrane elements of sanitary design (trademark “Membranium”), which are analogs of membrane elements of well-known brands.

Full-fit membrane elements first appeared in the 70s. The full-fit concept allows for Cleaning In-Place (CIP) and Disinfection In-Place (DIP), but no steam sterilization. Thus, this design is sanitary.

These membrane elements are widely used in food, dairy, biochemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

"Membranium" spiral-wound membrane elements are made of various polymeric materials. The wide variability of the overall dimensions and design parameters makes it possible to select and manufacture a membrane element for almost any technological process of membrane filtration


The ratio of the pore diameter to the MWCO



Flat sheet membranes

The key principles of membrane filtration are the same, regardless of whether the membrane is cut into flat pieces (installed in plate-and-frame modules) or rolled into a spiral-wound element (placed in a housing).
Flat-sheet membranes are produced at in-house production base of JSC “RM Nanotech”; therefore, their material is identical to the material used in spiral-wound membrane elements. Flat-sheet membranes are the ideal choice when it comes to high viscosity products.