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High rejection membrane element KM 4040-C1M1


Ámbito de aplicación

Sea and highly mineralized water up to 45 g/l

Modelo A, mm B, mm B' (ATD), mm C, mm D, mm Peso, kg
KM 4040-C1M1 1016.00 100.00 0.00 19.10 26.70 4.05

Descripción del producto

Material de la membrana Composite polyamide
Tipo de la membrana ОРМ45КM
Diseño Spiral wound
Función Sea water desalination


Modelo Productividad, GPD Selectividad, % Área Generador de vórtices
m2 ft2 mm mil
KM 4040-C1M1 1 700 99.75 / 99.40 8.00 86.00 0.72 28.00

TEST CONDITIONS: test solution of NaCl 32 g/l, P=5,5 MPa, T=25°C, pH=7,5. Recovery -8%

Nominal rejection is reached after 48 hours of continuous operation on test solution.

Minimal rejection of a new element after 20 minutes test on test solution.

Condiciones de funcionamiento y datos técnicos para el diseño
1) During continuous work with pH over 10,5 the temperature must not exceed 35°С. 2) Flow of each element in a batch may vary +/-15%. *In case of chemical cleaning with a solution pH exceeding 11,5 or at the temperature level more than 45°С please contact original manufacturer for consultation.