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Russian membranes have become part of Russia’s gold reserve

January 14, 2015


January  14th ,2015

A unique complex of mine waters treatment facilities was successfully commissioned at "Tsentralnaya” minery of "Yuzuralzoloto” group of companies.

Promotion of the most advanced membrane technologiesof filtration based on home produced elements by JSC “RM Nanotech” made it possible not only to decrease the man-made impact on environment, but also to satisfy pure water requirements of all the enterprise located in the town of Plast, Chelyabinsk region. 

Implementation of complex approach in creation of closed circuit of water circulation at the enterprise gave a significant economic benefit, allowing to have long term savings of over 10 mln roubles annually just by replacing water intake from the municipal water system.

The complex combines technologies of precoagulation, ultrafiltration and further membrane treatment by reverse osmosis modular complex of “Iceberg” series. For the first time the reverse osmosis system is equipped by the latest high quality membrane elements made by JSC “RM Nanotech”

As early as within the first 300 hours of operation the membrane elements series КСН -8040 and КН -8040 have shown their high efficiency and stability. KCH series membranes are capable of purifying highly mineralized water with maximum salt content of 1 g per liter. Brackish waters with salt content of 2 g per liter are purified by series KH membrane elements.

About "Yuzuralzoloto” group of companies - JSC “YuGC”. JSC “YuGC” is one of Russia’s largest gold producers in terms of overall production and reserves. All enterprises of the Group are located in the Russian Federation. The gold ore extraction is done both by underground and  open-cut methods. The enterpise’s assets include field deposits in Chelyabinsk region, in Zabaikalsky territory, in Republic of Khakassiya. The Group also explore splacer gold deposits in Krasnoyarsk territory.