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Ultrafiltration membrane based on polysulfone on support



Ground and artesian waters clarification

Product description

Membrane material Polysulfone
Membrane type PS-20 with molecular weight cut-off - 20 kDa
Design Support layer material: Non-woven polyether/non-woven polypropylene


Operating conditions and technical data for designing
Operation temperature, С 4-45
рН at operation 2-11
рН at chemical cleaning (short time operation) 1-12
Free chlorine resistance, mg/l during 30 minutes 200

Minimal flux by distilled water - 0.10 ml/cm2min at operational pressure of 0.1 MPa
Minimal rejection by myoglobine (17600 D) – 95%
0.1% protein solution (myoglobine) in 0.9% NaCl solution