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Composite Reverse Osmosis membrane flatsheet series ORM



Sea water and highly mineralized water, salt content of up to 45 g/l

Product description

Membrane material Composite polyamide
Membrane type ORM45K


Test conditions: test solution 32 g/l NaCl in water, pressure 5,5 MPa, temperature 25°С.

Operating conditions and technical data for designing
Operation temperature, С1 4-45
рН at operation1 2-11
рН at chemical cleaning (short time operation) 1-12
SDI (15 minutes test), max 5
Turbidity, NTU max 1
Free chlorine content, mg/l max 0,1
1) During continuous operation at pH of over 10 the temperature must not exceed 35°С
Permeate flow, l/m2hr, min Rejection, %, min
30 99.55